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LED Lighting

Sustainable, Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions


Exclusive Offer For Asheville Chamber Members!

Through Unique Solutions Associates, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce has negotiated five new products and services that help our member companies thrive. Our members now have access to a vision plan, legal and identity theft protection services, and telehealth services that benefit employees of even the smallest companies. And the LED lighting solutions can save some of our members thousands of dollars each year in energy costs.

Kit Cramer, President & CEO of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Our LED Lighting Solutions Provider is a firm specializing in state-of-the-art commercial LED lighting solutions. The company was founded on the principal of creating more cash flow for their clients, not the manufacturer.

This Solutions Provider provides wholesale pricing and financing options so clients can install LED's and immediately start spending less money per month than they were with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They only use quality products from the best manufacturers around the world. Most lights come with a 5-10 year/50,000-100,000 hour warranty.

The LED Lighting Solutions Provider provides a comprehensive LED lighting solution for the entire retrofit of a property including; energy efficient audits, design, tax deduction documentation, utility company rebates, installation and post retrofit savings.


  • Up to 90% reduction in lighting costs
  • 30%-40% in overall energy savings
  • Saves the environment
  • No out-of-pocket expense options
  • Reduces A/C cost
  • Government/Utility Company rebates and incentives¬†

Rebates are significant, often amounting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Converting to LED on a bulb by bulb basis often results in losing these valuable rebates. Let our Solution Provider help you maximize your rebates.

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